Nutrition Coaching

2 Nutrition Programs to fit your needs

Online Macronutrient Coaching

Get the direction you need to take your fat loss and performance to a new level.

Our coaches, after a detailed assessment, will show you exactly how much to eat and in what ratios (carbs, proteins and fats) to maximize your results.

You and your coach will cover things like…

  • Protein, carb, and fat ratios – what’s best for your body?
  • Nutrient timing – Should be worried about it?  If so how do you implement it.
  • Hormones-  How to get them to work for you and not against you.
  • Vitamins and minerals – Is a deficiency putting a stop to your fat loss?
  • Different dieting methods – what does the research say and how can you use different approaches to reach your goals.
  • Supplements – Which are helpful and which are marketing hype
  • Gut Health and its role in health, fat loss and performance

Email Derek HERE for more details.

Precision Nutrition Coaching Powered by ProCoach

Precision Nutrition has developed and refined a 12-month habit based coaching program that will not only get you results but change your relationship with food.

Our Level 1 and Level 2 Precision Nutrition Certified Coaches will help hold you accountable to your daily lessons and be there to help you navigate life’s hurdles.

This program is about more than nutrition.

Just watch the video below to see what I mean…

To learn more you can visit our Online nutrition coaching page by clicking HERE

Meet your nutrition Coaches

Derek Decater, CSCS, PN1, PN2, NCI Hormone Specialist

One day I stepped on the scale and the number scared me.  I was 225 pounds.  The athlete I used to be was gone.

It was time to get my ass in gear…

Through training, nutrition and education I dropped the fat and reached my goals.

But thats not the end of the story.

I became a dad!

As many of you parents out there know the body takes a hit after kids (yes for dads too) and I was once again struggling to find balance.

I owned a gym, I held multiple nutrition and training certifications, I’d mentored under some great coaches but I too was still struggling.

Maybe like many of you I was too prideful to ask for help.

It took me 2 years to finally seek it out.  I hired a coach to help keep me accountable to the things I knew were important to me – my family, my health and yes my physique!

Its a process but You can feel better, You can have the energy and stamina to play with your kids, You can lose the belly and look and feel healthy!

It just takes time, commitment and accountability.

Jessica Keith, IIN, PN1, PN2

Four years ago, Jessica Keith came to Decater Performance looking for help. She was  50 pounds overweight, had no energy, and did not feel good about herself. She desperately wanted to make a change but wasn’t exactly sure how or where to start.

The next couple of years would be life changing. With the help of the trainers at Decater Fitness, dietary changes, and regular workouts Jessica was able to lose the 50 pounds (and keep them off) as she gained more confidence and a ton of energy.

Throughout the process Jess really began to understand how big of a role food plays not only in weight loss but in how your body feels and performs overall. She became more and more interested in nutrition and lifestyle and in 2016 she enrolled in both Precision Nutritions Level 1 course as well as the Institute of Integrative Nutritions year long Health Coaching program. Upon completion of those, Jessica jumped right into Precision Nutritions intensive Level 2 course and just received her certificate!

Jessica hopes that through her study of nutrition and lifestyle and having walked through it herself she can offer her insight and help inspire others. She was fortunate to have an amazing mentor throughout her own experience so she truly understands how important the role of a good coach can be.







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