Metabolic and V02 Testing


Using our KORR CardioCoach Plus we give you precise numbers on both your Resting Metabolic Rate as well as your V02 max, Aerobic Threshold and Anearobic Threshold.

Popular ‘apps’ that use calculations to determine your metabolic rate are only accurate for a small proportion of people. These equations use normative data that calculates RMR using metrics such as age, sex, weight etc., which they plug into an equation to estimate calorie consumption. This is a great starting point for anyone who is taking a closer look at their nutrition. However, it’s not the most accurate way. As an example, if you over-estimate your metabolic rate by just 10% and consume the amount of calories you “thought” you were supposed to, it would translate into a 20-pound increase over the course of a year!

V02 Testing Video

Why Testing RMR is so important

What is the process like?


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