Body Fat Analysis


Our top of the line InBody Body Fat Analyzer will take the hassle out of getting your body composition tested.

No more violating you with skin fold calipers, where we had to pinch fat to calculate out body composition.

No more lowering into a tub of water for hydrostatic testing.

No more traveling to a university to find a DEXA scan.

Our Inbody is simple and effective. Best of all, it only take 5 minutes.

Watch the video to see how simple the process is.

Watch this video to learn more about its accuracy and methods for achieving results.

Body Fat analysis is included in all of our membership to track our members results. Consistent testing gives us real data to evaluate our exercise and nutrition programs. With this data our members can know, without question whether they are on the right track to reaching their goals.

No a member? That’s OK. You can schedule an appointment to come in and get tested for a fraction of the cost of other testing methods.

Each test is $25 and you can take your test results home with you as you work towards your goals.

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