January Member Spotlight

DP member spotlight
Congratulations to Sean, our January Member of the Month! A personalized workout has been essential to his success and as a result, Sean has gained strength, accommodated for old injuries and lost 40 pounds! Learn more about Sean’s path to success below.

How did you get started with Decater Fitness?
My son started taking sports agility at Decater. I went and watched
him and saw some adults working out at the same time. Looked like a
lot more fun than your typical gym, so I gave it a try.

How did Decater Fitness help you reach your goals?
Initially, I sat down with Derek and Matt and came up with a plan. The
plan was general conditioning and I started getting  much stronger fairly
quickly; however, after a couple months, my knee was starting to hurt
due to a couple knee surgeries from high school and college. So we
started tuning the workouts quite a bit to help strengthen the muscles
around the knee–to help offload stress on the knee. This made all the
difference in the world in not only strengthening my legs, but also
helping me understand how I can continue to offload the stress on my
knee by focussing on core as well as the hamstring, glutes, and hip

What accomplishment are you most proud of?
I’ve lost 40 pounds so far. The last time I weighed this little I was
a senior in high school, playing varsity basketball. I’ve done this
while getting stronger. A few months back, my teenager wanted to have
a push-up competition. I ended up winning with 35 push-ups. Think
before I started Decater, I probably could have only done about 5.
Quite a change.

How do you stay motivated?
Once the weight starts coming off, it’s pretty easy to stay motivated.

Do you have a favorite Decater Fitness story you could share?
No one story sticks out, but always appreciate how positive Derek and
Matt always are. They are always quick to help out, always happy (even
at 5:30AM), and have just created a fun, engaging environment that
just keeps you coming back for more.

December Member Spotlight



Join us in congratulating Jessica as our December Member of the Month! The progress that Jessica has made is remarkable! She’s focused on herself, made her wellbeing a priority and the effort really shows. She has lost 50 lbs. and 48 inches! Through hard work and dedication, Jessica continues to reach her goals in the gym. Check out her story:

DP: How did you get started at Decater Fitness?

Jessica: I was at a Super Bowl party a couple of years ago, Kristin S. was also there. She was eating carrots and I was eating Skittles. At the time I still had 50 plus pounds of (3 year old) baby weight. I remember thinking… whatever program she is on – I need to get on it! So, I chatted her up and two months later I called Derek.

DP: What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Jessica: Pull-up

DP: Have you established any new habits that have helped you reach your goals?

Jessica: I have lots of new habits but the biggest change I think is finally being at a place where I really only want food that makes me feel good. It’s such a simple concept but getting there took a long time.

DP: Do you have a favorite Decater Fitness moment you could share?

Jessica: No one moment stands out for me, overall it’s just an awesome place. Everyone there is so nice, encouraging, and supportive. Derek and Matthew are amazing, they both have a way (no matter how many people are there) of making sure every person in the gym gets attention and that each person is doing the exercises correctly. I feel really lucky to have such a great place 5 minutes from home!


November Member Spotlight

November member spotlight Christine

This month, we are recognizing Christine as our November Member of the Month! Christine has been giving it her all at the gym and it shows! She has gained strength and muscle and continues to transform herself in a positive and healthy way. Along the way, she has lost 68 pounds! Christine is such an inspiration!! We asked her to share a little bit about her experience and her approach.

October Member Spotlight

DP ladies cycling


At Decater Fitness, we pride ourselves on building muscles and building friendships. When we hear about our crew doing awesome things outside of the gym, we want to shout about it! We caught up with four amazing ladies, Kristen, Kristi, Lorrie & Brenda, who took their training to the next level and cycled hundreds of miles over the summer. Their achievements culminated into riding the GranFondo Whistler, a 75 mile ride on the Sea to Sky Highway in British Columbia. Read on to learn more about their adventures.


Decater Fitness: How did you all get started?

Kristi: I saw the ride on FB and sent it to Lorrie with this: Girls weekend?? And that’s how it started! Ha! Lorrie signed up for the race, then bought a bike…gotta love her style. =)

Lorrie:  I remember Kristi messaging me asking me if I would be interested.  I’ve always had a “dive-in and see what happens” attitude so of course I was in!  And yes, I signed-up of for a century without actually having a road bike or having ever done a road race!  Why the heck not?!

Brenda: I was working out at Golds Gym and training with the Lake Sammamish Rowing team.  I was looking for a more structured workout environment with more personal coaching since I had experienced some injuries.  Lorrie was working out at Decater and I decided to try it out.  The class size was great and I loved the group workout concept.  Derek was great at gathering in depth info about my injuries and working my competitive rowing goals into the workouts.  I noticed a huge difference in my endurance level and within 2 months I had lost the 10 lbs I needed to lose to row in the lightweight class. At that point I decided to give up Golds and commit to Decater.  Matt and Derek won me over with their personal attention, encouragement and attention to technique.

KSchu: As the last member to join, I can’t remember who started begging me to join the ride. I was a little concerned about being post op with my knee surgery, but provided an amazing focus to heal and push myself. Once we met for coffee one morning, I knew I wanted to train and ride with these inspirational and badass women. They are all incredible athletes but more so, incredible women and friends.


Decater Fitness: How has Decater Fitness helped you reach your goals?

KSchu: Strengthening those quads! I was in rebuilding mode, and Derek and Matt would just simply encourage me to stay positive, be patient and Id get stronger. Their encouragement and belief in me helped me believe in myself. The winter challenge also helped with changing nutritional habits, which in the end, helped my performance as well. We hope to tackle many more Fondo’s! Now we are all “Fit and Vicious”!!!

Kristi: Decater definitely helped me to prepare for those hills, no question. As soon as Derek knew about my goal he designed a great workout for me to get my legs hill ready. It was awesome, it didn’t take long for me to see the results from my time at DP translate to the bike. Nothing feels better than passing other riders on hills!

Lorrie:  Having been with DP for two years I was already was in good shape.  With road racing being new to me I knew that leg strength was going to be the key.  I didn’t change my work-outs one bit, just kept with the program that was designed for the group fitness 5:30 AM crew.  I stayed consistent with my 4+ weekly work-outs.

Brenda: In addition to rowing, I began cycling last year.  Through Decater, Lorrie, Kristen and Kristie and I started cycling.  When we decided to ride the Gran Fondo Whistler we all began to train on the road and in the gym for this event.  The Tuesday and Thursday workouts increased my endurance for those hill climbs and I noticed my recovery time was shorter.  I found my glutes and lats through their instruction and found that I was getting alot more power in my legs and upper body.  One of my goals was to get my husband, Dave, to a new level of health.  He did the spring challenge with me and Kim.  He lost 42 lbs and is still working towards his goal of 70 lbs.  This is the first gym I could get him to commit to.  Dave appreciated Derek and Matt’s style of coaching and Dave like the workouts.  This is my biggest victory!  Seeing my husband achieving his goals and having fun in the process is a dream come true!  Now my 14 year old son works out with us and occasionally on Friday nights- all working out together.


Decater Fitness: What extra training did you do?

KSchu: Weekend rides, and a couple training century (100 miles) rides together..either some or all went out when we could. A couple good hikes ….And as many lifting and cardio days possible. This event was a 75 mile ride, with many inclines as you can imagine riding from Vancouver to Whistler…I know I was physically well prepared for it because of DP.

Kristi: We got together and rode on the weekends as a group as much as we could, we did a couple of century rides in the summer. This was my favorite part, going after a goal together as a group made it a blast!  Also did a few good hikes and spin classes

Lorrie:   I rode or ran when I could after work and joined in on the weekend rides.  The weekend rides were so much fun.  I love getting up early and hitting the pavement, especially with these ladies!

Brenda: I continued to row and worked in rides with my cycling team.  We signed up for a practice century ride and I found it to be easier than I thought.  I was really impressed that none of us were sore the next day.  Decater prepared us well


Decater Fitness: Did anything else cool happen during your rides?

KSchu: Well, there was some blood spilled a ‘few’ times, a bike that seized up completely which lead to bloody mary’s,  and a graceful flip into a ditch….(at least we found that cell phone!) But we all trained together really well. The Grand Fondo in Whistler was an amazing experience. About 5,500 other international riders, perfect weather, gorgeous mountains and even with a funky start, karma was on our side. This event was incredibly well supported, and had a fantastic mix of competition and fun. Celebrating at night was fun too! Hope I’m not forgetting anything….

Kristi: Totally agree with Schu! It was a great weekend spent with amazing ladies. With all of the wipe outs leading up to the race (ahem! Lorrie…) we got through the Fondo without a scratch! The most gorgeous scenery ever, very fun town to end our ride in. Loved every moment with this group! Can’t wait for our next Fondo in NYC….then again in Whistler (with some mountain biking mixed in next time)!

Lorrie:  The coolest part is training then reaching a goal as a group.  We were never in competition with each other, but were cheering for each other’s success all the way which is much like our group work-outs at 5:30 AM at DP!   And the one with the biggest trepidation about joining the race due to recent surgery (Schu) crossed the finish line first!  So proud of her!  The race itself was the best! Sailing down the freeway at top speed without the stress of cars was so freeing and amazing!  I reached my goal of finishing strong without blood spurting from my elbows so I consider the 2015 Whistler GranFondo a total success!  Counting the days until our next adventure together!  NYC…here we come!

Brenda: Passing dudes on hills during the Fondo rocked!   We had team Decater riding jerseys made with a Derek-ism” “Motion is Lotion” on the back.  we had some fun comments about that- from the riders we passed.  The Fondo was a big challenge- more hills than anticipated.  I didn’t feel fatigued or sore during or after the ride which amazes me!   Again, we were well prepared with our training.

Decater Fitness: Congratulations, ladies. Well done!


Are you training for an event? Let us know so we can map out a plan for success.





Down 50 Pounds

picisto-20140301130632-846089“Decater Performance Bootcamp has been such a positive experience. Although on day one I was a little intimidated by the exercises, I found with Derek’s expertise and instruction I felt confident. Now I challenge myself to use a heavier weight, increased reps and use better form. So far I have lost 20 pounds, but more importantly are the gains I’ve noticed in other areas. I feel increased strength and flexibility all throughout my body, especially in my core which has led to greatly reduced lower back and neck pain. And for the first time ever I feel strength and toning in my arms. The workouts give me so much more energy throughout the entire day. What has also made a huge difference is the nutrition guidance. Changing the way I eat has been the number one factor in staying consistent with the workouts and weight loss results. The right nutrition gives you so much more energy and consequently the desire to keep moving forward with diet and exercise goals.

Recipe for Success

picisto-20140302140107-532343Since discovering Decater Performance, I have found my recipe for success!  DP provides me with the environment I’ve been looking for:  physical fitness, invaluable nutritional knowledge and injury prevention bundled into less than a one hour commitment per workout!  Plus the early class times offered contribute to my success because they do not interfere with work or my families crazy schedules!

bye-bye baby weight plus some

picisto-20150309224157-367555DP has changed my life. Having spent the last several years carrying around “baby weight” I was finally able to shed it all and then some. I am stronger and have more energy than I ever have. Fitting back into my “pre pregnancy” clothes has been so much fun! I cannot recommend this program enough?

– Jessica

50+ Pounds lost



Finally Feeling Great About Himself

Inspired by Decater’s fitness expert, this bootcamp member achieved significant weight loss and is enjoying life once more.

Taking part in one of Decater Performance’s adult bootcamps has created a problem for 54-year-old Dan – he needs a new wardrobe.  He’s lost so much weight that he keeps dipping into his wallet to buy new clothes that previously he would never have been able to shop for. Having lost nearly 40 pounds he’s now feeling great about himself.

Heavy Burden

But turn the clock back a year or so and the picture isn’t so rosy.  A lifelong yo-yo dieter Dan would go through periods of eating healthily and watching what he put into his body, but then something in his life would happen and he’d get off track and stay off track for a number of months.

“Weighing 196 pounds was the tipping point for me,” says Dan.  “I was four pounds away from 200 and I’m only 5 feet 6 inches.   I had never ever been that heavy and I finally resolved to do something about it.”

There was another reason that inspired him to take action.  Age was starting to creep up on Dan and he was picking up numerous injuries from general wear and tear, his job and through exercising the wrong way.  “I wanted to approach this thing with someone who could coach me to exercise the right way to avoid all those injuries,” he adds.

Sticking to Goals

Dan set out with clear goals in mind, but having goals is the easy part.  Creating deep, long-lasting and meaningful change requires a change in mindset and habits.

This time though, he was unconditionally committed to hitting each of his targets and ready to make the necessary changes in his life to reach those goals.  What helped the process was seeing results almost immediately:

“I saw results every week.  I’d get on the scales and there would be a pound or two coming off.  I could see my body shape changing and I’d always have a smile on my face.  I was in a much better place because I felt better about myself.”

Major changes don’t happen overnight, they are born out of steady progress and taking one step at a time.  So how did Derek help Dan?

1)  Showing him how to exercise the right way to protect parts of his body.   “When I’m working out with him he always gives me alternative exercises because he knows I have a shoulder issue.  He’s always got something different for me and I totally appreciate that.   It bothers me that I can’t exercise as normal, but I’m able to show up injury free every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and get my workout in.”

2) Teaching him to make better food choices on a consistent basis.  “One thing Derek told me that stuck with me is that changing your shape and your weight is more about diet than exercise. But if you do both you’ll change your shape faster and you’ll be healthier.  I’ve stayed with these health eating habits for a good six to seven months now.”

In fact Derek even took Dan to a farmer’s market and a supermarket to show him how he shops, and what to look for.

3) By being an inspiration.  “Derek inspires me by the way he lives his life and his work ethic.  He shows up at four every morning with a smile on his face.  He’s got tons of energy.  I often use the analogy of the film ‘When Harry Met Sally’ and in particular the restaurant scene.  The character played by Meg Ryan is doing her stuff and the lady behind says that she wants whatever Meg’s having.  Well, I look at Derek and say I want to be more like him.”

4) By being a powerful motivator.  The path to progress is not an easy stroll and whenever Dan feels like he may be wavering Derek is always there to help him power on through.  Sometimes it’s with words and messages of inspiration and on other occasions by asking what he can do to help him get through it.

“When you hear the word ‘bootcamp’ you have a connotation that someone is in your ear screaming.  That’s not at all what he does.  He encourages you without that.  It’s with words and actions and the way he carries himself.”

Inspiring Others

Derek has ignited a fiery spirit within Dan that motivates him to take action.  He believes in himself and is always positive, and just as Derek has inspired him, he hopes his weight loss and fitness success will encourage and inspire others.

“I’d like to think at some point that I have inspired and will inspire people through the results I’ve achieved and what Derek has helped me to do.”

~ Dan Tushar

With Derek’s Help There’s Nothing I Can’t Accomplish

 Achieving her fitness goals gives one Decater client the confidence to tackle challenges in all aspects of her life.

Lisa has always been active, athletic and energetic, but on approaching her mid to late forties a deep sense of frustration set in as she discovered parts of her body weren’t working as well as they used to.  “I had lost a lot of my fitness and didn’t look or feel the way I wanted to,” she says.

Her situation wasn’t helped by the fact that she was recently diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (RA), an autoimmune disease that causes joint and organ inflammation, pain and stiffness.  Maintaining health and fitness is vital to managing the condition.

To tackle her fitness goals and boost her overall long-term health Lisa signed up to personal training with Derek and later enrolled in the Decater Performance Bootcamp to augment what she was doing and take her fitness to the next level.

Setting Targets

A highly disciplined and goal-orientated person, Lisa excels when she sets near and long-term goals.  Derek and Lisa set her goals together and then Derek creates a plan, including a lifting and nutrition program, for Lisa to execute.  Derek tracks her progress and adjusts accordingly depending on how it’s going.  Lisa also gets her body-fat tested along the way as an additional measure to make sure she’s staying on track.   As Lisa accomplishes each fitness goal, new ones are set and the process repeats.

Body-Fat and Pull-ups

One of Lisa’s first goals was to reduce body fat and increase muscle all while improving strength and endurance.  She started at 18% Body-Fat and over 1 ½ years has brought that down to a consistent 13%, and at one time as low as 10.5% for a special Birthday/Mexico Beach shred goal.

Her first fitness goal was for Pull-ups.  These are not an easy feat for the novice, and the way the female body is built doesn’t help either.  But Lisa wasn’t prepared to let any of that stand in her way.  What followed was six months to a year of tough physical exertion, dogged determination and Derek’s expert guidance so that performing chin-ups and pull-ups are now part of Lisa’s normal weekly fitness routine.

Fab Abs

One of her other goals was to see if she could develop a six-pack; a special treat to herself for her 47th birthday and the vacation she had booked inMexico.  So for two months she worked on her abs and achieved the lean beach body she desired, “When I told Derek that I wanted the best Abs of my life for my Birthday, he didn’t hesitate.  He put an amazing nutrition and gym program together for me and was there every step of the way with encouragement.  He made it fun for me.   And when I say fun…..I had never worked so hard, but Derek made it possible for me.”


Tough Love

Though Lisa doesn’t lack for motivation, she does come up against bouts of self-doubt and difficult challenges with her advanced fitness regimes.  During preparation for herMexicotrip she found the nutrition part of her program particularly trying and would call Derek to explain how she felt.

As a fitness expert with many different clients, Derek responds to everyone according to how they learn and the responses they need, and with Lisa that’s tough love.  “He would just give it to me straight and encourage me to get on with it: ‘keep your goal in mind; you’re going to get through this’ he would say.  And, then he’d make my next challenge even tougher.  And, that totally works for me.”

Incredible Results

Lisa has been working with Derek for about one and a half years and the results have been nothing short of a revelation to her.  “Derek is such a gifted Personal and Fitness Trainer.  And, I’m most grateful for his help with Nutrition.”

Derek shares his Nutrition expertise with all his clients and it is so amazing what you can accomplish when you put the work-outs together with intelligent eating.   “I’m such a nutrition geek now that I actually use a software program Derek showed me to track daily all my food, carbs, proteins, and fats to make sure I’m keeping to my plan.  I’m a bit fanatical about it.”

Having a very fit body and being healthy is not so much about how she looks but about maintaining long-term health.  “I wanted to make sure I was as healthy as I could be because there’s so much with my RA that I don’t have control of.   Derek has helped me to take control of the things that I can.  He’s given me tools to make my body as healthy as it can be and support the other stuff that I have to do for it.”

By being fit inside Lisa hopes she won’t need additional drugs for her condition, and that the medicines she currently takes are as beneficial as they can be.    “My joint health and bone health are all really important as I get older and live with this thing I have.”

The Decater Performance Community

“Derek has created a real community for his clients.  Taking Derek’s lead, we all keep up with each other’s goals and are there to support each.”

The benefits of all her hard work with Decater, have spilled over into other areas of Lisa’s life.

“Frankly, because of what Derek has taught me to do for my body and my health, I feel there’s nothing I can’t accomplish.  In my work and home life, there isn’t a goal or challenge that’s too daunting.  I know if you take it in small bites, with a good plan and a desire to succeed, you can do anything.”

~ Lisa Forrest

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