Coach Jess

Jessica Keith


Jessica hopes that through her study of nutrition and lifestyle and having walked through it herself she can offer her insight and help inspire others. She was fortunate to have an amazing mentor throughout her own experience so she truly understands how important the role of a good coach can be.

Jordan Harder,

Coach Jordan brings his passion for sports psychology and his love for helping people reach their potential to the gym everyday.  He is constantly looking for way to improve his clients performance and just so happens to be one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.

Matt McKinley, CFS

Head Coach by day.  Superman by night.  Coach Matt is the glue that keeps this place running.  When he and his girlfriend aren’t out at some dance party Matt is on the gym floor running classes, going personal training and teaching everyone how to improve their mobility and strength.

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Derek Decater, Owner

Current- CSCS, PN1, PN2, NCI1,

Previous – USAW, TPI level 1, FMS,

When I’m not joking around at the gym I’m spending time at home with my boys Aiden (8 yrs) and baby Jackson (18 months).  We basically just run around making sure Jackson doesn’t try to climb off the deck or escape up the stairs.  Life is full of running kids all of the Eastside, Playing with our English Bulldog Piper, training at the gym and building an online nutrition coaching program.

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What is our Nutrition Program All About?

When I started out training 10 years ago I thought I had all the answers.

You want to lose 25 pounds?  Easy.  Here’s a meal plan.  Follow this and you’ll be set.

If the client succeeded (which didn’t happen all that often except for the serious type A personality) great…. I was a hero.

If the client fails?  It was their fault.  They didn’t follow the plan because I know the plan works.

That’s the definition of poor coaching.

“Just do this” coaching isn’t coaching

Coaching is a two-way street.  It demands more than just a meal plan.  It takes an understanding of each individuals strengths and weakness and where their biggest area for improvement is.

Coaching is fluid and constantly changing from week-to-week and month-to-month WITH the client and their individual skill set.

Coaching is being the guardrails to get your car back on the road when you start to veer off course.

I was a smart kid and my heart was in the right place but the way I was coaching was all wrong.

I didn’t take into account a little thing called life.

Luckily I’ve learned a lot.  And luckily we found Coach Andy who has taken over our in-house nutrition program.

Coach Andy is a nutritional rock-star.  Taking time to get to know you and gently nudging you in the right direction.

He’s been behind the scenes helping our members learn proper nutrition for the last year and now we are opening up this program to the public.

Here’s what Andy does and how he can help you be happy in your own skin.

If you would like someone to work with you on developing a program that fits your goals and your life schedule a call with us today by clicking the link below…

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Jodi’s Top 5 Strategies for busy moms

Weight loss is easy…. Eat less do more right?  Then why is it so hard?

Jodi had the same questions when she came in.  Tracking food, going on diets, working out…. She tried it all and in the end the jeans still didn’t fit and the scale still didn’t move.  The only thing that she got out of it was frustration.

A year later she has more than just answers, she has found a blueprint that works for her.

So I asked Jodi about her success and what her top 5 strategies are that have led to over 50 pounds lost and a total transformation in her body and mindset

  1. Protein is key to body composition change. I wasn’t eating enough of the right foods.  I was eating healthy but not eating right for my body.
  2. Consistency combined with rest is key to change. I learned you don’t have to train daily but being consistent and giving the body time to rest is equally important.
  3. Lifting weights plays more of a crucial role in fat loss than cardio.
  4. Change that is slow is much more managable. Slow changes have helped me change my lifestyle tremendously in all avenues.
  5. DP has taught me how to correctly do things. This is huge in making progress and changes in your body.

Meet Coach Matt

Coach Matt
Matt started at Decater Performance in early 2013 as assistant coach, leading adult bootcamp classes. With past experience in the physical therapy field, Matt has a keen eye for technique and form. He has developed a vast repertoire of movements to help clients get the most out of their fitness program. Matt is a Certified Functional Strength Coach and Youth Fitness Specialist. The youth training program is Matt’s area of strength, where he combines high energy with positivity to make sure class is fun, while focusing on proper form and safety. Outside of the gym, Matt is a youth basketball coach, leading his team to a state championship win this year! In his free time Matt can be found playing basketball and flag football.

Fun fact: Matt is also a collector of beverage coasters!


Matt’s Top 3 Tips for a Great Workout

1.) Show up ready to train and have fun!

2.) Breathe.

3.) If everything is feeling good, make the movement more challenging.

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