Lee Ann

“Bootcamps are a Great Part of My Life”
Decater Performance client is feeling stronger, fitter, healthier and more confident after losing the excess baggage.

At the age of 47 Lee Ann was overweight, unhappy with her shape and coming to the end of her tether after 15 years of struggling to tip the scales in a more favorable direction.

“I’ve tried lots of weight loss programs multiple times,” she says.  “They worked for short periods and then I would just put the weight back on.”

First Time at Bootcamp
A family member has personal training with Derek and suggested Lee Ann try out the bootcamp. Although a little intimidated on her first day because she had never done anything like it before, she was determined that this time there would be no turning back.  Lee Ann had a burning desire to get her figure and fitness back once and for all.
“It’s challenging, but Derek is such a good coach.  He really goes over each exercise, showing you the proper form and slowly building them up.  I felt comfortable right after the first class even though it was something new and scary to me.

And the results have been a revelation to Lee Ann.

I didn’t lose weight for the first two months, but I stuck with it and tried to make one change at a time, and slowly the weight loss happened. I started a year ago and I’ve lost 50 pounds and my cholesterol tests and all that are awesome compared to what they were.

Weight Loss Motivation

Now that she’s lost the weight her focus has changed to make sure she stays that way.  But Lee Ann knows that despite all the good intentions in the world, maintaining a healthy weight long-term will require all the self-discipline and dedication to her goals that she can muster.

I still struggle with it every day because it took years to put the weight on, and even though losing weight was difficult the harder part is maintaining and keeping it off.  It was hard while I was losing weight, but now I look back I say that’s the easy part, this is the harder part.

Food Challenges

The Decater Performance bootcamps are not just about the workouts, as there’s expert nutrition guidance as well which can present their own set of challenges.

It’s still a challenge every day as far as the food goes.  I think that’s something that most people face.  It’s so easy to fall back into your old eating habits, at least for me anyway. That’s because I’m a stress eater and my job is stressful, and I sit at a desk all day.


Lee Ann’s workouts have not only helped to build muscle and core strength but are also remedying the lower back pain that she constantly used to have.  “Slowly over the months we’ve worked on that too and it’s become better and better along the way as well.”

Dogged Determination

To get where she is today with her fitness and health goals Lee Ann drew on deep wells of resolve and tenacity.

I had to make it a priority and I changed my lifestyle.  So now I’m up at 4:15 am every morning which I never thought I would be able to do.  It took a few months to get used to, but now it’s routine.

It takes a lot of internal strength, but it’s kind of overflowed into my personal life as well
and given me more confidence in other areas too.  I figure I can do this and I’m not going to be afraid to try that, and I’ve tried different things I haven’t tried before.

Overall I feel like I’m more outgoing. I feel I have more confidence, and physically I feel much stronger.  I actually feel younger; I don’t feel my age at all.  And I feel healthier which is the most important thing.

And she credits Derek’s unwavering help, guidance and support.  “I feel like I can’t say enough about Derek.  He’s such a wonderful coach and trainer.  He has a large group of people now but still focuses on each individual and gives them attention.

He really cares and puts in the time and it shows because there are a lot of people who have some really great results.

On day one Lee Ann felt intimidated, a stranger to workouts and fitness regimes.  But the changes to her health and lifestyle have been so profound that going forward they are going to be an integral part of her life.

“It’s definitely something I’m going to continue doing. I can’t imagine not doing his bootcamp three days a week.  It’s a great part of my life.”


Decater Performance Bootcamp has been such a positive experience. Although on day one I was a little intimidated by the exercises, I found with Derek’s expertise and instruction I felt confident. Now I challenge myself to use a heavier weight, increased reps and use better form. So far I have lost 20 pounds, but more importantly are the gains I’ve noticed in other areas. I feel increased strength and flexibility all throughout my body, especially in my core which has led to greatly reduced lower back and neck pain. And for the first time ever I feel strength and toning in my arms. The workouts give me so much more energy throughout the entire day. What has also made a huge difference is the nutrition guidance. Changing the way I eat has been the number one factor in staying consistent with the workouts and weight loss results. The right nutrition gives you so much more energy and consequently the desire to keep moving forward with diet and exercise goals.

When I signed up for bootcamp, I was just going to “give it a try for a couple of months”. But now I am totally hooked. I love the encouragement you get from the entire group. I look forward to starting my mornings three times a week with bootcamp! It’s a great part of my day.


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