Kim lost 19lbs and 16″ in 7 weeks!

When asked why I did the challenge, the quick, easy answer is  “peer pressure”. But the long answer goes more like this. Growing up, my parents were obese. There were chips, sodas, and pop tarts in the house regularly.  We always had well balanced home cooked meals, but snacks were always junk. I struggled all through high school and college with my weight. My saving grace was athletics. I was a competitive soccer player and a rower. Without my sports, I would have been very over weight. I learned in my late 20′s and 30′s how to balance eating and exercising. After a car accident and major injury derailed my workout routine in 2012, I floundered through 2013 never really able to get back on track

I had already decided that 2014 was going to be different when a friend sent me the link for the challenge, I had nothing to lose. After my first class I knew I found the answer for me. I was surrounded by people who had similar goals and similar challenges, but we all had fun while we pushed ourselves. For me, once I start consistently exercising the eating falls right into place. The first couple of weeks the weight dropped quickly and I was feeling strong. When week 3 started, my world crashed with the passing of my dad. My commitment to the challenge and the support of the group absolutely influenced my choices during these challenging weeks.

As I look forward, I want to continue to develop healthy habits in myself and my family. I do not want my little girl to have the struggles with her weight that I have had my whole life. I want to teach my kids by example what a healthy lifestyle looks like.


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