Kevin lost 10 pounds in 49 days during our last Performance Challenge!

So maybe I didn’t win the challenge but 10 LBS. lost and 3 inches off the waist is great !!!  It is exactly what I was looking for and that is why I signed up for another 12 Months that I am so looking forward to.

Also your classes are perfect with my travel schedule thanks so much for the Monday early class, Friday early and Saturday 10am classes it fits my schedule perfectly.   So my goal is to be between 175lbs. or another 30/60 days so I am well on the way.  I very much appreciate your classes for a variety of reasons.

First going into it I didn’t want a bunch of 20 year olds running me out of the place and feeling bad for how out of shape I was.  I found people a little younger but that is ok, I am not terribly out of shape compaired to the others and I will get much better.  I get excited to see what each class will bring because its always different, that is so cool.  I like the subtle motivational comments that you and Matt provide to the class members, it keeps us pushing to do better.

It’s a class like CrossFit™ (Paul one of the class members says its Cross Fit for Old People) which I find that funny but it’s challenging and very much a total body work out which is great. I have to say the location is perfect since I live in Snoqualmie and the facility in my option is top notch..!

I used to go to the gym a long time ago and hated it, mostly because of the knuckleheads that you see there, tried Muay Thai liked it but they only did mid week classes..  But this course is a total fit for me, the challenge of the workout, the speed/time of the workout(30 mintues mostly), the changing of the workouts, the feeling after the workout:), and the results in just 49 days is beyond what I thought it would be.  Thanks again for doing this class for us!


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