Heather lost 10.5lbs and 6.5″ in 7 weeks!

Growing up, I was an active athlete and never worried about what I ate.  I burned more calories than I could eat by just being me!
After my college basketball career ended and combine that with a happy marriage and three kids, I was really slow to realize that I could no longer out exercise a poor diet.

For the past ten years, I’ve struggled to find the perfect combination of calories and exercise, as well as a balance of mental happiness between the two.

Since discovering Decater Performance, I have found my recipe for success!  DP provides me with the environment I’ve been looking for:  physical fitness, invaluable nutritional knowledge and injury prevention bundled into less than a one hour commitment per workout!  Plus the early class times offered contribute to my success because they do not interfere with work or my families crazy schedules!

People at all levels take the classes at Decater Performance.  Derek & Matt give modifications for the exercises, which is very helpful for injury prevention as well as optimum results.

One of the nicest things about training in the DP classes is the camaraderie amongst classmates.  We collectively pat ourselves on the back for finishing a particularly tough workout, compare sore muscles and encourage each other on with a little bit of friendly competition—both male and female!   Surrounding myself with a group of like minded classmates, all with different goals, are just added bonuses.

This quote I read recently sums up how I feel about my successes (in a short time) while training with Decater Performance:

“Don’t wait until you reach your goal to be proud of yourself.  Be proud of each step you take toward reaching that goal.”

I’d like to thank all my classmates for making my journey on the 49-day challenge so rewarding!


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