This month, we are recognizing Christine S. as our November Member of the Month! Christine has been giving it her all at the gym and it shows! She has gained strength and muscle and continues to transform herself in a positive and healthy way. Christine is such an inspiration!! We asked her to share a little bit about her experience and her approach.


******* Christine has lost 65 pounds********

Decater Fitness: How did you get started?Christine: I started going because I wanted to get in shape. I’d heard about it from Renee and thought I’d check it out. So glad I did.

Decater Fitness: How has Decater Fitness helped you to reach your goals?
Christine: The strength training. Period. I used to just run and do crunches and after doing strength training I am better runner and healthier overall physically. I have more confidence in how strong I am.

Decater Fitness: What keeps you motivated?
Christine: I don’t want to go back to being tired all the time. I have so much more energy and get so much more done now that I weigh less and feel stronger. I also don’t hardly ever get sick either. I LOVE that. The added bonus of smaller clothes makes me smile, too. Cleaning out my closet never felt so good!

Decater Fitness: Have you picked up any new habits that contribute to your success?
Christine: I am a stickler about my protein shake after my workouts. Regardless if it is running or morning boot camps, I come home and immediately make a protein shake.

Decater Fitness: Do you have a favorite Decater Fitness story that we could share?
Christine: Not a big story, but I remember seeing myself in a video that Matt posted (curse him!). I was pushing a sled. I almost couldn’t recognize myself. Didn’t know I was that small. Not sure I will ever totally get used to seeing myself smaller. But I’m working on it. I think my journey is for life. I have always been so concerned with how much I weigh and what I ate. I have finally come to a point in my life that I don’t have any desire to lose pounds anymore. I am more concerned with toning and getting stronger physically, mentally and spiritually. It’s a whole package. Derek and Matt have been a huge part of that “whole package” mentality for me. I don’t see that changing anytime soon

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